Tuesday, 5 April 2011

River Tees Case Study Material

A series of resources covering the case study for the River Tees.

River Tees Case Study.

River_Tees_case_study.pub Download this file
River_Tees_case_study_-_SEE_Publisher_document.doc Download this file
River Tees Conflicts and Management Feedback

River_Tees_conflicts_&_managment_feedback.doc Download this file
River Tees Flood Risk and Defences (from Tees Valley Flood Protection)
River_Tees_flood_risk_and_defences_(from_Tees_Valley_Flood_Protection).doc Download this file

River Tees Photos

River_Tees_photos.doc Download this file

River Tees Land Use images

River_Tees_land_use_images.ppt Download this file

Elements of this revision powerpoint are on the River Tees

River_Studies_revision_powerpoint.ppt Download this file


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