Thursday, 28 July 2011

youtube clip of meander development

Wach the clip and note where in the river the flow is fastest and give reasons why?

Personal_Statement_for_John_Sayers_for_the_post_of_Geography_Teacher_edit.docx Download this file

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

OCR Specification River Environments p11-12

OCR Specification For the A Level course at Queen Elizabeth Six Form College. The River Environments unit specification is on p11-12.

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This is the scheme of work for River Environments to be taught over 18 lessons.


Erosional Processes Introduction Activity & Homework

Erosion_processes_(introd).doc Download this file
Erosion_processes_(introd)_homework.doc Download this file


Weathering, Erosion and Hydrology terminology test

Match the terms with the correct definition

Weaathering,_erosion_&_hydro_test.DOC Download this file

Erosional Landforms Images

A series of Pictures of Erosional Landforms. Name the landforms.

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Hydrology Terms And Glossary And Components of Drainage Basin (hydrology)

Match the terms together with their definition.

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Components_of_Drainage_Basin_(hydrology).doc Download this file

Components of Drainage Basin Download this file

Drainage Basins Terms Diagram

Glossary_of_hydro_terms.doc Download this file


Hydrological Cycle Diagrams

Hydro_cycle_diagram.doc Download this file
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Slope and Channel Processes Exercises

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Slope_and_channel_processes_(answers).doc Download this file

Hjulstrom's Diagram

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Channel Flow and Efficiency including Answers sheet

Attempt the activity. Model Answers are provided.

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Channel_flow_and_efficiency_(answers).doc Download this file

Downstream Changes

Answers included in second document.

Downstream_changes.doc Download this file

Downstream_changes_(answers).doc Download this file


Physical Processes Checklist Download this file

Process and Landform slide show with worksheet

Process_&_Landform_slide_show_to_go_with_work_sheet.ppt Download this file

Landforms and Processes worksheet and answer sheet Download this file Download this file

Describing Landforms and techniques for describing Landforms

Describing_Landforms.pptx Download this file
Describing_Landforms_-_techniques.doc Download this file

Describing Landforms homework and Model Answers

Attempt the homework and see a range of model answers for describing landforms.

Describing_landforms_homework_-_v-shaped_valley_& Download this file

DESCRIBING_LANDFORMS_model_answer.doc Download this file

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Describing_Landforms_2_(Photos)_Jonathan_Kirby_Answer.docx Download this file

River Landform Images

River_landform_images.ppt Download this file
River photo Undercut bank and slip-off slope.

River_photo_-_undercut_bank_and_slip-off_slope.docx Download this file
River Tees Photos

River_Tees_photos.doc Download this file

Meanders and Ox-Bows Development and Form

Meanders_&_Ox-bows_-_development_and_form.doc Download this file

Cuspate Delta Image

Afon Soch Map, Landforms from Map worksheet and answers sheet

Afon Soch Map


Landforms from Map worksheet

Landforms_from_maps_-_Afon_Soch_worksheet.doc Download this file

Answer sheet.

Landforms_from_maps_-_Afon_Soch_worksheet_(answers_).doc Download this file

Base Levels and Rejuvenation

Base_Levels_and_Rejuvenation.docx Download this file


Causing of Flooding worksheet and Factors Affecting flooding with answer sheet

Factors_affecting_flooding_worksheet.doc Download this file
Factors_affecting_flooding_worksheet_(answers).doc Download this file
Causes_of_flooding.doc Download this file

River Tees Case Study Material

A series of resources covering the case study for the River Tees.

River Tees Case Study. Download this file
River_Tees_case_study_-_SEE_Publisher_document.doc Download this file
River Tees Conflicts and Management Feedback

River_Tees_conflicts_&_managment_feedback.doc Download this file
River Tees Flood Risk and Defences (from Tees Valley Flood Protection)
River_Tees_flood_risk_and_defences_(from_Tees_Valley_Flood_Protection).doc Download this file

River Tees Photos

River_Tees_photos.doc Download this file

River Tees Land Use images

River_Tees_land_use_images.ppt Download this file

Elements of this revision powerpoint are on the River Tees

River_Studies_revision_powerpoint.ppt Download this file


Brahmaputra Case Study Worksheet and Answer sheet

Brahmaputra_Case_Study_worksheet.doc Download this file
Brahmaputra_Case_Study_worksheet_(answers).doc Download this file